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Vintage cameras are online and we love it. Old analogue cameras are beautiful. I could stare at them all day. I have a few that I’ve inherited from my dad and granda and I love them – couldn’t part with them. I have no idea what they are worth if I were to sell them, I just know that it would never be enough money to justify saying goodbye to the legacy.

A decade ago, I tried to use the film (medium-format) camera that belonged to my dad. Sadly nothing much came out in focus and now I don’t think that type of reel film is made anymore. I remember him getting the tape measure out for my First Holy Communion portrait and I had to stand for what seemed like hours while he focussed and set-up the shot.


It was fascinating at the time and now it has become one of those golden memories of me hanging out with my dad. This may be why I have such a nostalgic view of old film cameras (I’ve kept all of mine) and I think this is how nostalgia gets us and never lets go.





Digital revolution

The revolution of the digital camera is undeniable. Going digital has indulged my creative side and my photography has improved because of it. I love that it is so easy now to take a photo, many photos. Yet it does seem as though everyone who remembers film cameras feels nostalgic for that excitement at taking a film roll to get processed and holding a new set of prints in your hands.
There’s an even greater excitement in developing your own prints and enlargements in the darkroom. Yet digital has released us from handling weird chemicals and having to waste a lot of expensive paper. It has introduced an inexpensive and easy way to collect photo memories and to be creative. It’s strange now that there are so many ways to jazz up your digital photos using retro/nostalgia filters.
Young smiling woman, holding a camera


Did you know that 10% of all the photos that have ever been taken were taken in the past 12 months?

This statistic is staggering and it will be interesting to see what the future of photography brings. Many have projected opinions but we can’t really know what’s around the corner. This digital revolution could not have been predicted until digital cameras became affordable for everyone and now we even have them on our phones.
So here are a few of my favourite photography and vintage camera discoveries from the interwebs this week (including a link to the amazing statistic above). I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Jonathan Good wrote this great blog post ¬†at 1000 memories – full of mindboggling photography statistics including the one above. It’s a great website if you love old photos too.


If you like staring at beautiful pics of vintage cameras and have an hour of staring to spare, check out Prism Yard for your analogue fix.

Do you miss that delayed gratification feeling of analogue picture-taking? How would you like to recreate the excitement of not seeing the digital pics you’ve taken until you download them. Check out the digital Holga camera, inspired by the nostalgia of the original low-cost analogue camera toy. I want one too!


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