Best vintage-style shoes: 1930s two-tone lace-ups

I’ve been loving you, a little too long to stop now.

Otis was spot-on when he sang of the nature of obsession. And this can happen with vintage-style shoes too, my friends. I’ve been slavering over these vintage-style shoes from Miz Mooz for far too long to stop now. These shoes have soft leather uppers AND leather lining and a manageable 3” heel. They come in a tasty two-tone of whiskey and cream and cost $123.45.



As much as I love vintage shoes, I’m not so keen on buying second-hand shoes. I think it has something to do with imagining other people’s sweaty, smelly feet in them. Also, buying a pair of shoes that will fall apart at the slightest sniff of British weather, is not my idea of smart shopping. So, I much prefer to hunt down vintage-style shoes that are as authentic as the originals but with all the pleasures of owning a new pair of shoes that will last for years.

In the 1930s, shoes in this lace-up style were designed for the working woman. They were practical, utilising the men’s look of brogue shoe but with an ultimately feminine touch. They showed the men that women could do the same things that men could but in heels.

Today, you can wear these in the daytime with toned-down colours and dress them up a little at night with a 1930s black and white polkadot dress or wide-legged trousers. In these shoes you can run around and be all screwball and sassy like Carole Lombard, or mysterious and serious like Greta Garbo. Take your pick.

It has all the elements of a 1930s vintage shoe: practical, round toes, lace-up, two-tone, ankle-skimming v-shaped upper, graduating chunky heel with a nod to art deco in its styling. If you are a vintage-lover like me, I know you’ll want these shoes. I want them so bad but they do not ship these outside the US at present. 🙁

These shoes could suit any age group from a vintage-loving teen right through to the fortysomethings of the world like me – and beyond.

You can buy them here


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