Best vintage dress: 1950s red pencil dress

A series of regular posts in which I find the vintage dress of my day-dreams whilst researching my favourite vintage and fashion history topics. Being a fortysomething myself, these dresses are often suitable for those of us on the fun side of forty.

Every woman needs a red dress in her armoury – or armoire as the French would have it. After all, it is the word they use for a wardrobe and much more sassy. I adore red dresses. I believe that every woman should own a red dress and this is my manifesto 1950s red pencil dress from the wonderful Hey Viv!.

Red works well for many types of skin colouring from the palest palour to olive overtones and beautiful black. It can complement dark brunettes and bright blondes easily.

But what about redheads?

Well, being Scottish and all, I see plenty of redheads who are happy to break those stupid colour rules inflicted on them. There should be no rules for redheads, but red works best on redheads when the hair is pinned up and make-up is strong unless you purposefully want to clash those two colours for devilment (and why not?)

The beauty of this 1950s red Pencil Dress is you can wear it by day with a vintage cardi/ black shoes combo and dress it up at night with a wrap or shawl and full-on accessories. Succulent red shoes, black wrap and clutch bag.

You could easily wear this red dress for a wedding. Complete the vintage chic with a pill box veiled hat and killer shoes.

What I love about this dress is that it is 97% cotton with a 3% stretch. This makes it machine-washable, making it a perfect dress all-round. It has a matching cotton belt and a back-split giving you plenty of comfort wriggle room.

It comes up good on price too at a mere $32.99/£20.98.

Hey Viv! sells great 1950s-inspired clothing for vintage lovers and rock n roll obsessives. Thanks Hey Viv! for being authentic in your 1950s styling.

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