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How many notebooks do you have? I’m tempted to say I have billions but I think that would be a lie. Sometimes it feels like I do, though, when I can’t find the note that I made last week. Or even the notebook I made it in.


I have an extended family of Moleskine notebooks, sketchbooks and diaries. It’s my little vintage-loving obsession. These notebooks traditionally have black covers. But there have been some new additions lately. Now, there is a new range of white Moleskine notebooks to get your paws on. Yes, white – all white. Look.


At the moment the all-white notebook is only available online in the US and EU. Moleskines are inspired by French hand-bound notebooks popular in Paris from the 19th Century. The original design was made by a small bookbinder that supplied the stationery shops of Paris.┬áThe original notebooks aren’t produced anymore (c’est trop mauvais). The bookbinder went out of business in the 1980s. But Italian company, Moleskine, makes something similar to the original.



Oscar Wilde with his notebook.

The notebooks were used by artists and writers living in Paris. People like Vincent van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Wilde and Henri Matisse.

When I have one in my hands I feel like I’m channelling their creative spirit. Great for keeping in your pocket at all times but especially when inspiration strikes.

I must admit I have always preferred the simplicity of the traditional design to some of the more fancy or themed versions the company has produced lately.

The paper is acid-free and thread-bound. The design is simple, traditional, nostalgic. That’s why I love them. The black notebook with round-edge corners and elastic binder have now become iconic. I also love the ribbon bookmark and the little pocket at the back where I keep train tickets and appointment cards.

Take a look. You can browse and buy at the beautifully-designed Moleskine store online where you can see the full range.


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