Get the 1940s look – short hair

If you’d love to style your hair in an authentic 1940s look but you think your hair is too short, think again. All is not lost. There are ways of getting a genuine vintage hairstyle without too much hassle or effort. Here’s my favourite video tutorials for those with shorter hair.


Pinned-up trickery

This one, from Vintage Doris, is great if you have a short bob and want a 1940s pinned-up look. It’s not quick though — you need to keep the rollers in overnight and a headscarf to complete the look.


1940s short hairstyles

Claudette Colbert and 40s short hair
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Headscarf quick fix

This one, also by Vintage Doris, is nice and quick for anyone. It’s a much simpler version of the one above and great for any type of short hair. Again you’ll need a head scarf to complete this 1940s hairstyle — it’s so simple and so authentic. Vintage Doris is ace, isn’t she?


1940s hair

Jane Wyman, short-haired goddess
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Middy magic

This “middy” hairdo instruction is great because it is extremely authentic plus you get a little bit of style history with your hairdo. I don’t know about you but that’s right up my alley. Some great info here. Give it a whirl.


Jane Wyman 1948

Jane Wyman’s middy gets an Oscar in 1948
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Victory rolls for short hair?

Yes indeed. This one, by Vintage Doris, is nice and quick for a nightout. If it’s victory rolls you want but without the tears and frustration, then take a peekaboo at this. This you can do with tongs and listen to some great Andrews Sisters songs to get you in the ’40s mood. Again, this one works well with a bob (ie longish at the sides).



If all that’s a little too 21st Century for you, let’s go straight to the source. The fabulous forties were possibly the most practical decade for styling hair. Women didn’t have a lot of time or money to spend on their hair but they got extremely creative instead. These hairstyles are practical and for working in. Take a look and get inspired.

Across the Pacific 1942

Actress Mary Astor does short hair proud in 1942
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V is for Vintage recommends…

And if it’s long hairstyles of the 1940s you’re looking for…look here for more tutorials. Or browse the 1940s shop.

4 Comments on “Get the 1940s look – short hair

  1. My hair is still too short for any of these, sobs!
    I can just about get curlers in my hair now, but it just looks like a curly haired boy.

  2. Good stuff I am a novice to 04s. Like the videos and tips they have been very helpful in getting to know easier ways to achieve the 40s look. Thanks for sharing.

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