Time machine

So, while I was away, I did manage to slip into the time machine for a few moments this month to peek at the memorable stuff other time travellers have been discovering. Let’s take a look. It’s a mixed bag, but very memorable. Get your vintage fix or get historical and find out something that – perhaps – you never knew before.

Lauren, the American Duchess, wrote an amazing post about her valiant attempt to make a 1920s-style bathing costume. I love this and there are some great vintage photos here too.

For film buffs, an Eastman House blog about the preservation of two Wizard of Oz films: the 1910 silent version and the 1939 classic.

And it’s back to the 1980s to get a mind-boggling insight into the creative process behind the collaboration between musical maestros Mr Bowie and Mr Mercury. Find out how ’80s hit song Under Pressure was recorded here. It’s very revealing!

I love Fuzzy Lizzie’s gallery of gorgeous vintage bathing suits, from her own collection.

In 1923, the US Supreme Court ruled that Indians were not eligible for American citizenship. Business owner Vaishno Das Bagai had been a US citizen for only two years. He was stripped of his citizenship and refused a passport to visit his family in India. His photo is here, along with his suicide note. Links from the post can tell you more about his story.

And finally, a collection of nostalgic vintage travel posters on Pinterest – courtesy of Jennifer Gillespie.

For more vintage news check out The Vintage Detective, my home page of curated posts from around the internet.
Have a great weekend.

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