Time machine

Without further ado, here’s a pick of the best time-travelling vintage moments I’ve collected from around the internet this month. Jump in!

First up, this beautiful website of titles from classic cinema throughout the decades. Web designer Christian Annyas has painstakingly captured every movie title for us. With a focus on the all-but-lost art of film titles, opening and closing. Check out the wonderful vintage typography recorded here at The Movie Title Stills Collection.

Olympus has refitted a vintage ’60s-style camera with all the latest technology. The PEN E-P5 has interchangeable lenses and all the convenience of a modern camera but with retro metal casing and original-style switches and dials.

Did you know that the Empire State Building was designed to have a zeppelin docking station? Me neither. See the pictures here.

Meet the woman who brought Jujutsu to the Suffragettes in England, 1908. Meet Mrs Edith Margaret Garrud.

Everything you know about corsets is false. Some myth-busting from Collectors Weekly.

One of my favourite websites, Letters of Note, unearthed this little gem of a letter from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor in 1973. He wrote this after being dumped by Taylor, opening with “You’re off, by God!”

And finally…a brief timeline history of hats!

That’s all folks. Enjoy August.

For more vintage news check out The Vintage Detective, my home page of curated posts from around the internet.

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