Hello there, my name is Betty. Some people know me as Julie. Or is that the other way round?
If you call either name at me I will turn around just as quickly. What’s in a name? I don’t know, let’s move on…..

I am proud to be Scottish but really I’m just a wandering soul and wherever I lay my hat, well, that’s my home (aaaah hats, why don’t people wear hats anymore?…..’scuse me while I do some research on this).

Did I just hint at the thing I love to do? I think so.

So here I am with all this interest in researching ‘vintage things’ and a yearning to create a resource for us lovers of old stuff.

This website is for those who like a bit of history with their vintage passion. It is high-maintenance information for low-maintenance vintage lovers.

I have a big passion for research. It’s a spirit-sapping affliction at times (when does one actually stop snorting information to eat, sleep and make social noises). But, nevertheless, a passion. So, with my love of history being somewhat unrequited, I hope to find a way for history to love me back by writing epic articles.

I want to create this website for myself and for you.

Here’s the science bit….

I have a BA Honours Degree in History of Modern Art, Design and Film. I have written on art and film over the years. I’ve spent a large chunk of my life as a news and current affairs researcher – not as ironic as it seems for a history nerd…it’s all connected. I then spent my mid-life crisis working on cruise ships and seeing the world. Blah, blah.

Here’s the history bit…

Ever since I was a tiny baby I’ve been interested in old stuff. My best friend when I was 3 was my neighbour, an old lady white-witch named Gwen, with a black cat, long fingernails and a crystal ball (I’m not making this up). She taught me how to draw. I was devastated when she died and too young to understand it all. Her black cat and spirit was her legacy to me – plus some beautiful early 20th century Japanese teasets.

As a small child, I also inherited all my grandma’s costume jewellery. I fell in love with the idea that these beautiful, unfamiliar things I had in my hands had a story – a connection between me and an era I had never experienced. I started to fall in love with the smell of them even. This kick-started my hobby of archaeology which resulted in me digging up the garden, collecting crap that I claimed had a big mysterious story attached to it.

Then I inherited my Granda’s amazing artifacts such as cameras, a clock and more china – my parents by this time saw in me a love of old stuff. I was starting a lifelong collection of a quality and design that I could not see around me. I started wearing my mum’s old cardigans from the 1950s and 60s. Also my elderly neighbour would give me vintage clothes that I would adjust and wear. I became quite a seamstress. I would go to jumble sales and find so many things with imagined histories and try to find out more about them. It doesn’t take long to see connections in history, to find out where we fit in to the pattern today. I like to discover the social, technological and historical factors which create that era of design and style.

So, my obsession has continued throughout life from discovering vintage music at the local library, a love of old movies, vintage clothing, architecture, poster design, typography and swing dance.

I won’t give up.

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